California Workers' Compensation Inpatient Hospitalization Trends, 2010-2019 (Research Update, November 2020)

CWCI's updated look at changes in the volume of inpatient hospitalizations in WC, Medicare, Medi-Cal and private plans from 2010-2019. The study shows the 10 most common workers’ compensation inpatient discharges by diagnosis-related group codes (MS-DRGs) and the top 5 Major Diagnostic Categories (MDCs); and provides detailed data on other workers’ compensation inpatient trends, including changes in the volume of spinal fusion surgeries and a listing of the top 10 hospitals based on injured workers as a percent of their total inpatient discharges. CWCI members and subscribers can log in to view the summary Bulletin under the Communications tab, and the full report under the Research tab. Institute members can also log in to access the updated version of the Inpatient Hospital interactive tool from the Research section.  $14