Interactive Research Tools

  Prescription Drug Interactive Tool  - 9/25/2018

An online application that can be used to examine and compare industrywide prescription drug data derived from 12.5 million prescriptions dispensed to injured workers between January 2007 and December 2017. This tool can be used to view statewide or regional prescription drug data either for all claims or for just indemnity claims, for open and/or closed claims; for specific drug groups; by opioid drug name; for generic and/or brand drugs; for specific industries; and for specific accident years or service years.


  CWCI Claims Monitoring Interactive Tool  - 10/15/2018

An interactive application that shows average paid indemnity and medical losses on claims from AY 2005 through the end of AY 2017 at nine levels of development (with payments valued through December 2017). The tool provides results for indemnity claims or for all claims, allows data to be viewed for specific industries and regions, and segments the medical payment data into medical treatment, pharmacy & DME, medical-legal services & medical cost containment expenses.


  IRIS Regional Scorecard Interactive Tool - 10/15/2018

An interactive application based on updated IRIS data on AY 2007 through 2017 claims from 8 different regions of the state that can be used to compare regional results to statewide data on key metrics, compare results between specific regions, and identify regional and statewide trends that have developed.


   Inpatient Hospitalization Claim Interactive Tool - 5/3/2018

An interactive tool that offers detailed data on utilization trends, costs, and characteristics of Inpatient Hospitalization claims in California workers’ compensation, including comparative data on back surgery rates, average lengths of stay, and hospital charges for spinal fusions paid under Medicare, Medi-Cal and private coverage, regional variations, and hospital-specific data for 2010-2016 spinal fusion discharges.