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Emergency Regs Readopted
Emergency Regs Readopted
30 Day Public Hearing - COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines
Drug List Updates Adopted by AD - Effective February 1, 2021
45-Day Public Hearing
Modification to Regulations (3rd Set)
2nd Forum Comment - 2020
Filed with Secretary of State - Eff. 10/01/20
2nd Forum Comments
OAL Approved -Secretary of State Filed -- Eff. 07/01/20
Filed with Secretary of State - Effective 1/01/2020
SB 1160 Revisions & PR-1 - 1st Forum Comment
Submitted to OAL - Effective 1/1/19
1st Forum Comment - 2018
2nd Forum Comment
Permanent Regs Approved and filed w Secretary of State 2/7/18
Forum Comment
Approved by OAL and filed with Secretary of State - effective 3/20/2017
Filed w Sec of State - effective 3/26/2017
Filed with Secretary of State
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