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5/05/2016 Research Report Trends in the Use of Opioids in California WC  
4/11/2016 Research Report California WC Claim Monitoring, Medical & Indemnity Development, AY 2005- 2014  
3/03/2016 Research Report Inpatient Hospital Utilization in California WC, 2008-2014  Members Only
2/18/2016 Research Report Independent Medical Review Decisions - January Through December 2015  Members Only
2/01/2016 Research Report The Changing Nature and Cost of the Medical-Legal Process in California WC  Members Only
12/02/2015 Research Report Medical Review and Medical Dispute Resolution in California WC  
10/12/2015 Research Report Utilization and Cost of Urine Drug Testing in California WC  
9/29/2015 Research Report ICD-10s and the WC System  Members Only
8/25/2015 Research Report Medical & Indemnity Benefit Trends, AY 2002 - 2014  
7/07/2015 Research Report California WC Independent Medical Review: 1st Quarter 2015 Outcomes  Members Only
6/09/2015 Research Report PPO to MPN: Impact of Physician Networks in California WC  Members Only
4/25/2015 Research Report IMR Outcomes in California Workers Comp  
3/17/2015 Research Report California WC Claims Administrator UR Audit Results: 2009 - 2013  
3/11/2015 Research Report Ambulatory Surgery Center Cost Outcomes Follow-Up Study: The Impact of SB 863 WC Reforms  
1/27/2015 Research Report Changes in WC Physician Reporting Under the RBRVS Fee Schedule: Initial Results  Members Only
12/11/2014 Research Report CWCI Study Documents Changes in Calif WC Inpatient Hospital Utilization and Implant-Eligible Spinal Surgeries  Members Only
11/20/2014 Research Report California Workers Compensation Medical and Indemnity Benefit Trends, AY 2002 - 2014  Members Only
10/06/2014 Research Report Are Formularies a Viable Solution to Controlling Prescription Drug Utilization and Cost in California WC?  
8/29/2014 Research Report Benchmark Data on Physician Reporting in California Workers Comp Prior to Adoption of the RBRVS Physician Fee Schedule  Members Only
5/13/2014 Research Report Part 1: Schedule II and Schedule III Opioids: Prescription and Payment Trends in California Workers Compensation  
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