Improving the California workers’ compensation system through research, information, education and representation

The California Workers’ Compensation Institute is a private, nonprofit organization of insurers licensed to write workers' compensation in California, as well as public and private self-insured employers, who serve as associate members. CWCI’s primary function is to generate reliable, objective data that can be used to identify and monitor systemwide trends, assist members in assessing their own operations, and to analyze key issues of interest to the workers’ compensation community and public policymakers. Towards that end, the Institute also produces a wide variety of research publications, provides information and technical training to help industry professionals stay abreast of changes, and serves as a forum where members can consider systemwide issues and reach consensus on practical solutions.

CWCI debuts its Regional Score Card Series with detailed data derived from nearly a half million AY 2005 -2015 claims filed by Los Angeles County residents.
A detailed analysis of changes in the utilization and reimbursement of California workers comp physician and non-physician medical services during the first 2 years of the transition to the RBRVS fee schedule, which began in January 2014.
A review of IMR determination letters from Q1 2016 yields results consistent with prior studies in terms of the number of IMR decisions, uphold rates, types of medical services reviewed and the small number of physicians who account for most of the disputed requests.
The use of opioid painkillers in California workers comp has declined in recent years, along with the associated payments, yet these potentially addictive painkillers remain the number one therapeutic drug group used in the system according to a new Institute study.
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